Surviving a Sinking Car

Do you know what to do if your car winds up sinking into waterr? There is a lot of BAD information out there. Devices that break windows and cut seatbelts offer a false sense of security. That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, world-renowned expert on how to survive a sinking car. They cover:
• Common mistakes to avoid
• Myths on ways to escape
• What tools to use to survive
• What to do with your kids
• Planning for disabilities
• What to do if your car is submerge


Dog Sports Training

World-renowned professional trainer Denise Fenzi of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy shares her wisdom about dog sports. That Expert Show host Anna Canzano asks Fenzi viewer questions about positive reinforcement training, techniques to motivate dogs, which dog sports is right for you and your dog, loose leash walking, nose work, agility, water rescue, and dog anxiety.

Sibling Rivalry

Tired of being the referee between your kids? We explore ways to cope with sibling rivalry on That Expert Show with Dr. Laura Markham.  We discuss how forcing them to share actually makes them more possessive, why it's better to coach a kid in handling conflict than rescue them, how to prepare a toddler for the birth of a sibling,, how laughter really is the best medicine, and how we nurture the relationships between our kids will have ramifications for them as adults.