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Breaking Toxic Patterns

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Amber Salvador, Psy.D. about how to break toxic patterns, manage intense anxiety and attract partnerships and friendships that are healthy for you.  Shareable TIPSHEET for this episode here.

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That Expert Show host Anna Canzano answers DNA health/medical questions with 23andMe licensed genetic counselor Dr. Altovise Ewing. They discuss:

-23andMe Health reports

-How reports can help people 

-Privacy concerns

-Data breach concerns

-What 23andMe does with your info

Shareable TIPSHEET for this episode here


That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Vanessa West, DDS of West Family Dentistry about KIDS AND TEETH. They cover:  
• How often should a child see the dentist?
• What problems need to be treated immediately?
• Is fluoridated water good for their teeth/body?
• Should they use mouth rinse? 

• When should my child see an orthodontist?
• What kind of toothpaste should my child use?
• Does my child’s diet affect their teeth? 

TIPSHEET from this episode available HERE.

Youth Sports

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Troy Silva, best-selling author of "9 Innings of Hitting" and host of the Baseball Families Podcast presented by Baseballism. They discuss youth sports, the broken culture, how to repair it, parent dynamics, coaching strategies and player motivation.  TIPSHEET based on this episode HERE.

Veganism q and a

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Asher Brown of Pollution.TV. They discuss veganism and the plant-based diet, why more people are making this a lifestyle choice, and current trends in meatless options including laboratory-created food. 

Surviving a Sinking Car

Do you know what to do if your car winds up sinking into water? There's a lot of BAD information out there. Devices that break windows and cut seatbelts offer a false sense of security. That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, world-renowned expert on how to survive a sinking car. They cover:
• Common mistakes to avoid
• Myths on ways to escape
• What tools to use to survive
• What to do with your kids
• Planning for disabilities


Dog Sports Training

World-renowned professional trainer Denise Fenzi of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy shares her wisdom about dog sports. That Expert Show host Anna Canzano asks Fenzi viewer questions about positive reinforcement training, techniques to motivate dogs, which dog sports is right for you and your dog, loose leash walking, nose work, agility, water rescue, and dog anxiety.

Sibling Rivalry

Tired of being the referee between your kids? We explore ways to cope with sibling rivalry on That Expert Show with Dr. Laura Markham.  We discuss how forcing them to share actually makes them more possessive, why it's better to coach a kid in handling conflict than rescue them, how to prepare a toddler for the birth of a sibling,, how laughter really is the best medicine, and how we nurture the relationships between our kids will have ramifications for them as adults.

Empty Nest

 Whether you're living as an empty nester, approaching that stage in life or a long way off, Sharon Greenthal offers expert advice on That Expert Show

  • How to make a successful transition to the empty nest stage, after being so focused on raising kids
  • Nurture your relationship with your partner before the empty nest stage
  • Build resilience in your kids to raise them as independent, confident adults
  • How to deal with the yo-yo effect of a child coming and going from college or for other reasons


Is your home or workspace cluttered? All that STUFF could be weighing you down in ways you don't realize -- until it's gone. Lili Pettit of Clutter Healing offers expert advice on tidying up our homes and workspaces. 

  • How do you decide what to keep and what to give/throw away? 
  • What's an easy way to get started on organizing your space? 
  • What to do with all those kids' clothes and toys and artwork that piles up?


Anna Canzano

Anna Canzano, That Expert Show

I'm the creator and host of That Expert Show. I interview the world's top experts about how to live smarter, healthier and happier. I approach these interviews with a healthy dose of skepticism, given my background as an investigative reporter. My work as an Emmy-award winning journalist over two decades changed state laws, imprisoned criminals and led to foster children getting adopted.

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Working in television news, I struggled against the confines of 30-60-90 second stories. I often found myself wanting to share more with the viewer about what I'd learned in the course of that day's coverage. And I loved meeting people who'd spent their lives becoming experts in their fields.

I have a deep respect for research-based knowledge. And a deep sense of responsibility to make this world a better place. I believe giving experts a platform to share their collective wisdom can help us all live smarter, healthier and happier.




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About Anna

That Expert Show

Anna Canzano is the creator and host of “That Expert Show”. Anna interviews the world’s top experts about how to live smarter, healthier and happier.


Anna is an Emmy award winning journalist. Her investigative reporting for KATU News and KOIN News in Portland, Oregon over two decades changed state laws, imprisoned criminals and led to foster children getting adopted.


She is married to Oregonian sports columnist and talk radio show host John Canzano. They apply all the parenting skills they can muster in raising their three daughters.

They also co-founded and run a 501(c)3 non-profit, The Bald Faced Truth Foundation. In nearly a decade, it's impacted 15,000 children with support in the arts, academics and athletics. The Bald Faced Truth Foundation runs Camp Exceptional, a summer sports camp for kids of all abilities.


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