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NEW: coronavirus update

Coronavirus update from Anna Canzano of That Expert Show. She interviews Dr. Mark Zeitzer, the Medical Director for Acute Care Services at ZOOM+Care. They cover nuances of social distancing and up-to-date information about the virus and its survival on surfaces and in the air, popular questions about whether to keep dental and salon appointments, and concerns about whether choices made about self-grooming impact someone’s chances of contracting the coronavirus. Get TIPSHEET here.

NEW: homeschooling 101 during the coronavirus

Homeschooling 101 during the coronavirus. That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Heather Holland, a mother of nine who has homeschooled her children until 8th or 9th grade. Holland offers insight to parents about how to keep their kids' brains fresh and learning during school closures due to coronavirus. Get the tipsheet for this episode here.

RECENT: coronavirus questions answered

What are the actual symptoms you should watch for when it comes to the coronavirus? Who should be wearing masks? Should people 60 and older and those with compromised immune systems take additional precautions to protect themselves? That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviewed Dr. Paul Cieslak with the Oregon Health Authority. Get the TIPSHEET here that summarizes the episode.

how to get a raise or a promotion

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews career strategist Linda Raynier about how to get a raise or a promotion. They discuss when to ask for a raise, how to get noticed for a promotion, and how to figure out the amount to request. Get the TIPSHEET for this episode here.

Teeth Whitening

That Expert Show with Anna Canzano explores teeth whitening. Guest Dr. Karl Shao, a member of the American Dental Association, explains options like whitening pens, strips, trays and lights, and the benefits and pitfalls of each. He also covers what causes teeth to yellow/darken, foods to avoid, and strategies to mitigate the impact if you're eating or drinking teeth-staining foods. Get TIPSHEET here.

Tax Strategies

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano talks about tax strategies for 2020 with Brian Thompson, a past president of the National Society of Accountants. They cover: how to fill out a W-4 and the new changes to the form, whether to file single, married, or otherwise, the threshold for hiring someone to do your taxes for you, how to avoid an audit, IRA / Roth IRA / 401k strategies, HSAs, small business strategies, inheritance and energy efficiency tax credits. Get the TIPSHEET here.

Finding Lasting Love

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano interviews Dr. Diana Kirschner about how to find lasting love in 90 days. Get the tipsheet here. And Dr. Kirschner will personally match you with a handpicked coach for a free 40-minute session by phone or Skype. Just fill out this form and say "Anna sent me" for VIP treatment.

How to Care for an Aging Parent

Topics include: how to talk to an aging parent about their need for care, the differences between in-home care, assisted living and full care facilities, how to evaluate retirement homes or other entities as you consider care, and how to deal with the process of hiring people to help your parents or loved ones in their home.   Canzano interviews the author of The Devoted Daughter, Kelli Bradley. Get the TIPSHEET for the episode here.

Naturopathic Medicine

That Expert Show with Anna Canzano interviews Dr. Trevor Cates, the first woman licensed to be a naturopathic physician in California. They discuss the differences between a naturopathic doctor and a conventional doctor, what type of illnesses/ailments a naturopath can treat, and the benefits and limitations of this type of care. 

Get the TIPSHEET for this episode here.

Top Toys

That Expert Show host Anna Canzano talks about top toys with The Toy Insider's Jackie Breyer. They discuss the top trends, budget toys and popular toys by age group (0-3 years old, 4-7 years old and 8+).  The interview TIPSHEET summarizes key points.


Anna Canzano, That Expert Show

Anna Canzano

I'm the creator and host of That Expert Show. I interview the world's top experts about how to live smarter, healthier and happier. I approach these interviews with a healthy dose of skepticism, given my background as an investigative reporter. My work as an Emmy-award winning journalist over two decades changed state laws, imprisoned criminals and led to foster children getting adopted.



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About Anna

That Expert Show

Anna Canzano is the creator and host of “That Expert Show”. Anna interviews the world’s top experts about how to live smarter, healthier and happier.


Anna is an Emmy award winning journalist. Her investigative reporting for KATU News and KOIN News in Portland, Oregon over two decades changed state laws, imprisoned criminals and led to foster children getting adopted.


She is married to Oregonian sports columnist and talk radio show host John Canzano. They apply all the parenting skills they can muster in raising their three daughters.

They also co-founded and run a 501(c)3 non-profit, The Bald Faced Truth Foundation. In nearly a decade, it's impacted 15,000 children with support in the arts, academics and athletics. The Bald Faced Truth Foundation runs Camp Exceptional, a summer sports camp for kids of all abilities.




Working in television news, I struggled against the confines of 30-60-90 second stories. I often found myself wanting to share more with the viewer about what I'd learned in the course of that day's coverage. And I loved meeting people who'd spent their lives becoming experts in their fields.

I have a deep respect for research-based knowledge. And a deep sense of responsibility to make this world a better place. I believe giving experts a platform to share their collective wisdom can help us all live smarter, healthier and happier.